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March 31, 2009


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I find it interesting that an article about bias in news displays it's own bias. I'm curious to know why you only used Glen Beck as an example. I actually liked the article and was agreeing with you up to that point. It's not that you took a poke at Beck, frankly to a certain degree I agree with you, it's that as a journalist you threw impartiality out the window with that comment. you showed your own bias. To be truely impartial you would have given examples of media bias on both the left and right. You actually didn't need to use any examples at all, but I guess you were shooting for irony in your piece.


Thanks for your comment Dave. If my piece came across as biased to you then I'll admit I didn't do my job well. My poke at Beck was indeed meant to be ironic because right now both his relevancy and cult of personality are very high. I didn't point out his personal bias because I didn't have to. My Maddow comment was intended to cast her in the same light as Beck as a means to achieve balance.


Yes, you're right. My apologies for not catching that the first time around. Regardless, thanks for the peice, you bring to light great points and I'm glad you're writing about them. Keep doing the great work!

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